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chainz gamez.

March 4, 2010

I know it’s nothing new, but I adore body jewelry draped over, under and around some of the sexiest female features. I think it’s genius what Litter SF has done, props ladies. We ladies can keep our shoulders and décolletage sexy into our 40s and if we slather sunscreen on, perhaps, into our 50s. My favorite skin saver is still Coppertone; I find it somewhat appropriate and slightly sexy to smell like you live at the beach and this classic smells the beachiest by far. At one point, I was so in love with the sandy aroma that I’d forgo my expensive perfume for Bobby Brown’s Sand Bar.

Litter shoulder chain image via their website.

I’m already thinking about summer (if you couldn’t tell)… just bought the Elle Make Better series. Hopefully, I can crunch out some Lake Bell abs but if not, maybe a chain nestled between my bosom will distract lookers-on from the sins I’ve scarfed down this winter.

Erin Wasson’s version…

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