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lauren bush. smith and mills nyc.

March 6, 2010

Above, Lauren Bush in W magazine (November 2008.) She sits quite pretty in the grungy, quaint, perfectly “thrown together” eatery, Smith and Mills. Below, Lauren Pierce Atelier web shot, including my favorite sample of the one-of-a-kind dresses (each dye job is never perfectly replicated.) Check out the Teen Vogue snippet or your March issue of Vogue. In a partnership with Women for Women International – who teach women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo how to hand-dye fabrics for the line, Bush and Barney’s are ready to debut their creatively conscious line. Ten percent of the proceeds go back to the women. Cool ladies. Couldn’t the percentage be a bit higher?


The W shot of Bush had me so intrigued about Smith and Mills, I had to find more interior shots. The entrance is barely there, which means I’m barely cool enough to wander in. It’s an old carriage house nestled anonymously into its Tribeca nook.



The blue walls are perfectly dusted and the chairs almost demand you have your Macbook under-arm.


And pardon my French cliché – is it just me or does this bathroom have a sort of “je ne sais quoi” that’s quite charming, even with the rusted walls, its need for some scrubbin’ bubbles and shameless placement of a plunger. Below, check out the bar, more seats and eats, my sweets 🙂 ciao.



via newyork.timeout

Roasted chicken with potato salad. Looks purdy scrumptious, non?

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