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room to glow.

March 21, 2010

For me, a house isn’t really a home without a few lovely things. Right now, in my adorably ancient apartment complex, my room definitely has, uh, room to grow. The walls are my biggest concern. They’re pretty bare since I haven’t been able to defeat the cement walls, even with my “special” nails. I’m thinking since they won’t let me hang, I might have to pull out my Plan W. Plan Wallpaper, that is. Right now I’m just musing but I have been scouring my clippings of beautiful spaces to stir up some creativity. I’m in love with this Lene Toni Kjeld wallpaper. You can buy it on Hermitage.

Above is Lace Rose, and below is Lace. Isn’t the ombre effect loverly?

both images via

However, I’m also tempted to try wall appliques as an easier alternative. I’m crafty but I’m also lazy and my pockets are pretty shallow (as of right now, I’m hopeful though.) Chalkboard and whiteboard appliques are adorable. For organization, I think the ones I found on Amazon are best. But if you’re a DIYer, here’s a tutorial by DesignVerb. For musing and decoration, the whiteboards on Spell It Out Design’s Etsy store are perfecto. And my last Google find on the subject, Wallnutz, has a few sets of frame appliques. So, I figured I’d stick it to my walls and give in to a more creative tactic since my titanium-esque nails just won’t cut it, apparently…

image via

Okay, and two final wallpaper designs to un-frump your walls (yes, white walls are frumpy…aren’t they?) Below are more Hermitage finds from Nama Rococo. Her prints are amazzzing. This one, French Dot (Couture) is one of my favorites but it was a pretty hard decision. All of their Couture and Limited Edition papers are hand silk screened and then painted. They even use archival quality paper. Ballers. Talk about fancy schmancy. Unless you’re loaded, the key is to use the meticulously crafted sheets as art, like they’ve done (see below.) Their sort of unofficial MO is designing wallpaper as art so it makes sense.

image via

Below, their Chateau 66 paper is in the regular collection. A lil cheaper but still kinda pricey. I’ll probably just end up with some magazine clippings on my wall but it was nice to muse for the duration of this post.

last two images via

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  1. March 21, 2010 7:40 pm

    these are definately lovely things.
    very decorative

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