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3floz. junk for travel junkies.

March 22, 2010

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Amazing junk, that is. is my new favorite website. I used to travel a lot, going back and forth between my home here in the states and my home abroad. I’ve had to toss so many brand new lip glosses and lotions. It’s extremely painful. The silver lining, in my opinion, is that you are forced to make things easier on yourself. If only they made travel sized magazines, my aching back would be even happier. Some of the British mags do, but I like to stock up for a 24 hour trip and two teenies won’t give me my fill. The site’s product lineup is pretty stacked with name brands, including: Malin+Goetz, Ole Henricksen, and one of my favorites, DDF. And they’re all carry-on friendly 🙂

Since I’ve ended many a trip tired, disheveled, oily and dry (yes, the last two can occur at the same time) I thought I’d make a list of my “must haves” when defying gravity and sitting down long enough to make even the most lazy chump want to run a 5k race. I also made some picks from the website.

1. Lip salve, balm, gloss or chap stick. If I’ve ever forgotten this on my long haul flights, I’ve actually contemplated running up to business class and begging someone to let me steal theirs out of the complimentary goodie bag.

My 3floz pick: Baxter of California Hydro Salve

2. Hand cream. You can drink ten jugs of water and still see you hands sucked dry and looking as if they’ve aged 10 years. Plus, I don’t like to fill up… getting out of your seat is a hassle and there ain’t no pot o’ gold waiting for you inside that sliding door.

My 3floz pick: Malin + Goetz Vitamin B Hand Treatment

3. Dry Shampoo. Unless you have the driest of dry hair, something about traveling sucks the clean right off of your pretty little head and coats you in a fine film of funk. It doesn’t help your case for “fresh upon arrival” if you have any sort of layover or stop. You do need a cover up whether it’s winter or summer because without it, your bad luck will buy you one trip on a freezing plane. All this temperature changing–undressing and dressing–will inevitably leave you a tad, uh, ripe. I usually use Ojon Rub Out Dry Cleaner (the mini is 2oz.) but I’ve made another pick below.

My 3floz pick: Blow Faux Dry Shampoo

4. Eye savers. When it comes to my peepers, I like gel. Here I’m proposing you bring two things, a gel for your eye balls and those travel bags (not the ones you’ve stuffed well over the 50lb. limit.) My eyes get dried out, blood shot and tired from reading magazines in my dimly lit seat and catching all the movies I never got around to watching. For my thirsty eyes I cherish Refresh Liquigel Eye Drops (1floz). They basically coat your eyes; you can’t even see for the first few seconds.

3floz pick: Beauty Without Cruelty Organic Green Tea Nourishing Eye Gel

5. Treaties for your feeties. I step off the plane and my ankles have gone from dainty to sausage-like in a matter of hours. And my toes… let’s not even go there. You can combat it a tad by getting up every once in a while but I’ve found a few other things that help. Flight socks and a tingly foot creme to stimulate circulation. These help but I usually still end up with my feet in the air, trying to drain the plump.

My 3floz pick: Dr. Hauschka Rosemary Foot Balm

5. Anti-sniffle remedies. Airplanes are germalicious. The air and everything you touch. Maybe I’m a little OTT but the last thing I want to do is walk off the plane, flu a brewin’ in my body. I usually start Airborne the day before, drink lots of green tea and wash my hands like a maniac once I’m past security. I also pack Oscillococcinum incase I start feeling my nodes swell up. I thought this product looked interesting while shuffling through the 3floz cyber shelves. The moisturizing, fragrant oils like t-tree and cinnamon are meant to help energize while being anti-bac and anti-viral. Yummy.

Buddha Nose I Booster Salve

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