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March 27, 2010

Aurelie Bidermann

The first piece I saw by A.B. – apparently this vintage lace gold dipped cuff sold out supa dupa quick on Net-a-Porter. Lots and lots of gold dipping in her collections; things like tarantulas and butterflies included.

Below, silver and pearl bracelet.

image via

“I am capturing a piece of nature and preserving its beauty forever.” AB (via)

Above, Anemone Brooch dipped in gold.

A.B. on French dressing in this video of the designer from

Anndra Neen

The duo: Annette and Phoebe Stephens, who grew up in Mexico City.

Below, a lot to love. Arm candy, art or conversation piece? I can’t decide which best describes them all.

via T Magazine Blog

Below, rose gold and antique silver bangle.

image via (where you can buy the goodies)

“It’s kind of like ‘Mad Max’ meets modern art,” Annette says. “We’re inspired by Dario Argento’s films and Alexander Calder’s jewelry, as well as Japanese compositions, Egyptian motifs, French medieval armor and ancient textiles.” via

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