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Vogue May 2010. Americans in Paris. (wow, original)

April 21, 2010

Despite its cliché title, I really loved the editorial. It’s also kind of funny since Daria is a Canadian model that was born in Poland. The Hermès, CélineChloé and Chanel? Comment dites-vous… French? The waif-like beauty in elegant ensembles? Definitely more French than American, ha :). Phillip Lim and Alexander Wang? Born in Thailand of Chinese ancestry and born in the states of Chinese-American heritage, respectively. Behnaz Sarafpour was born in Tehran, Iran. The Haiti-born Victor Glemaud used to be a resident of Paris – I’m obsessed with his (extremely cute) menswear cashmere sweatpants.

I mean, they’re all either based in NY or have US HQs there… but doesn’t everyone? Most of the real origins of everything I love in this aren’t American, but I guess there’s no point in arguing with Vogue via my blog 😉

Daria is my favorite. I love her wispy bangs and chocolate-y golden hair (This is going with me to my next hair appointment.) and the most palatable roundup of business chic concoctions I’ve seen in a while. All images from my Vogue 🙂

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