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Garance Dore, I heart you.

April 22, 2010

A few of my favorites from Garance Doré. Her photography has the same affect on me as sunshine does. It’s just always so beautifully light and airy.

I’m LITrally (that’s my British accent) dying for a pair of these. I like Candela‘s and found a few more pairs that I like here and here and here. But none quite as gawk-worthy as the Louboutins 😦 Anyone have nine hundred and ninety five dollars to spare?

Two of my favorite chic mavens, Alexa Chung and Jenna Lyons.

Oh, and Giovanna with her toothpick legs and dainty ankle straps.

I really want some business appropriate sweatpants like this chickadee (WO)manning the Isabel Marant door. Or I guess what I really want is a job that’ll let me deem sweatpants business appropriate.

Found some here but I might just go eBaying. $100 for sweatpants?


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