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spring is sprung. days are longer. hems are shorter.

May 12, 2010

A few of my favorite spring(y) things:

Shirley Temple curls that I cannon make my stick straight hair keep.

White T + Jeans

Never Making It Out Of Bed + Brogues + Mens Socks

Return of the sun dress (the kind without flowers) and less time spent curating layer upon layer.

Time spent in my fluffy unkempt bed with coffee, a laptop and magazines.

(Nowhere to go and content overload.)

Taking pajamas out for a stroll. Rolling out of bed and leaving the house without so much as looking at a comb.

Spending and wearing a few months rent for no reason. I wouldn’t know, just musing.

Such amazing old Chanel ads with Daria Werbowy.

Finding a reason to wear the sweaters I start to miss when the sun makes it too hot.

Wearing shoes not made for walking, at any time of day.

The hopeless romantic in me resurfaces when the sun starts to shine.

images via Altamira, TFS

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