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sarah jessica parker. satc.

May 25, 2010

…of course she chose to wrap herself in neon perfection for the NYC Premier.

Thought I’d do the obligatory OMG-SATC 2-IS-COMING post. I’m excited. No, I really am. Sex and The City will always be one of my favorite shows – and really, I prefer the show to the movies – but I won’t complain when they give me more, whatever medium.

…and a killer dress for the after party…and shoes.

I love the SJP/Carrie coiffure – a sort of half-dyed grown-out curly chaos that I will never be able to achieve.

…and she’s still got it. I don’t care how many people (including my boyfriend) despise her, for reasons that escape me. She’s beautiful and her style has certainly evolved with Carrie and is on point. Plus, she has a rockin bod… when have guys ever argued with that? I dunno…

WHAT is this dress?

Found some really great older photos.

SO last but not least, the best poster for Sex and The City Movie 2 I’ve seen. I love both and can’t wait for either.

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